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IP Surveillance 
Monior your own 
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Utilize your IP 
network back bone 
To save on your 

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E-Commerce Solutions

One of our unique services is E-Commerce solution. We helped many clients to start doing business on the Internet. 
Through our STRATEGIC Web Design and reliable Hosting solutions, we provide a fully integrated E-Commerce solution to our clients, allowing them to expand their demographical locations and to publish their products and to handle orders & inventory over the Internet all in order to reach higher level of revenue. 

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Web Hosting 99.9% up time

StarComm Technologies provide different hosting packages for small business, where they can host their website to be available for public assess. Our packages include owner administration as well as StarComm administration, which allow you to administer your web site on your own and through your MIS staff, or allow StarComm administrators to take this load off your shoulders. In both cases you have full control over your website. 

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Web Design Solutions

Our Certified Web Designers come from a marketing background. They understand users' behaviors and design needs and navigation. We've created some of the award wining web designs. This allowed our clients to expand their publicity, hence drive in more business. 

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Internet/Intranet Connectivity

StarComm Technologies provides you with connectivity to the Internet; we make sure that all your clients' computers are hooked up to the internet with the appropriate access levels. 

We also configure your Intranet on your network, the Intra-Net is a term that is used for having an internal website, not viewable by public, it is used to share business information between the employees in the form of WebPages. At StarComm we configure your custom Intranet Servers and provide appropriate access to each client on your network. 

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