- Technical Support 

- System integration
- Migration solutions
- Accounting solutions
- Voice networks
- Data networks
- Backup solutions
- System maintenance
- Network Security
- Cabling Solutions
- Network Fax Solutions
- Wireless Networks

IP Surveillance 
Monior your own 
security camera over the internet ....
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Utilize your IP 
network back bone 
To save on your 

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System Maintenance

Through our service contracts, we master providing full system maintenance; we are proactive to prevent problems from happening. Your computer system like any other system, it always needs check up and tune up to enhance its performance, as well as prevent future problems in the future.

At StarComm one of the professional service we provide is full system maintenance, we check your PCs, printers, Servers and networking components to ensure their efficiency and reliability. Our maintenance service is part of our Support Contracts.

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