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IP Surveillance 
Monior your own 
security camera over the internet ....
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Utilize your IP 
network back bone 
To save on your 

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IP Surveillance

As being your partner in Network Solutions, we would like assist you make the best of your IT system. Part of your business is security, as a small business, you always worry about the safety of your business that is why you would think of having security cameras. 

If a security problem occurs, the first thing that you would have to do is run to your business location to see what is causing the alarm to go off. It could take you ten to fifteen minutes to get there. The situation might not be even serious, or it might be a major disaster.

Now with our New service, you can monitor your cameras yourself from home, or in a hotel or wherever you have internet access. 
Our IP Surveillance solution allows you to monitor what is going on at your business as it is happening wherever you are.

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